Quotations about Imam Hussain (R.A.) by Non-Muslims

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1-Mahatma Gandhi “I learnd from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed.”

Thomas Carlyle (Scottish historian and essayist): “The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Cerebella is that Husain and his companions were rigid believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not count when it comes to the truth and the falsehood. The victory of Husain,
despite his minority, marvels me!”

Edward Gibbon (English historian and member of parliament): “In a distant age and climate, the tragic scene of the death of Hosein will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader.” (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London, 1911, volume 5, p. 391-392)

Charles Dickens (English novelist): “If Husain had fought to quench his worldly desires…then I do not understand why his sister, wife, and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for Islam.”

Antoine Bara (Lebanese writer): “No battle in the modern and past history of mankind has earned more sympathy and admiration as well as provided more lessons than the martyrdom of Husayn in the battle of Karbala.” (Husayn in Christian Ideology)

Dr. K. Sheldrake: “Of that gallant band, male and female knew that the enemy forces around were implacable, and were not only ready to fight, but to kill. Denied even water for the children, they remained parched under the burning sun and scorching sands, yet not one faltered for a moment. Husain
marched with his little company, not to glory, not to power of wealth, but to a supreme sacrifice, and every member bravely faced the greatest odds without flinching.”

Ignaz Goldziher (Hungarian orientalist): “…Weeping and lamentation over the evils and persecutions suffered by the ‘Alid family, and mourning for its martyrs: these are things from which loyal supporters of the cause cannot cease. ‘More touching than the tears of the Shi’is’ has even become an
Arabic proverb.” (Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law, Princeton, 1981, p.179)

Edward G. Brown (Professor at the University of Cambridge): “…a reminder of that blood-stained field of Karbala, where the grandson of the Apostle of God fell, at length, tortured by thirst, and surround by the bodies of his murdered kinsmen, has been at anytime since then, sufficient to evoke, even
in the most lukewarm and the heedless, the deepest emotion, the most frantic grief, and an exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death shrink to unconsidered trifles.” (A Literary History of Persia, London, 1919, p.227)

Sir William Muir (Scottish orientalist): “The tragedy of Karbala decided not only the fate of the Caliphate, but also of Mohammadan kingdoms long after the Caliphate had waned and disappeared.” (Annals of the Early Caliphate, London, 1883, p.441-442)

“Though Imam Hussain gave his life years ago, but his indestructible soul rules the hearts of people even today.”Dr. Radha Krishnan

Mahatma Gandhi-“My faith is that the progress of Islam does not depend on the use of sword by its believers, but the result of the supreme sacrifice of Hussain (R.A.), the great saint.”

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru-“Imam Hussain’s (R.A.) sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of righteousness.”

Reynold Alleyne Nicholson “Hussain (R.A.) fell, pierced by an arrow, and his brave followers were cut down beside him to the last man. Muhammadan tradition, which with rare exceptions is uniformly hostile to the Umayyad dynasty, regards Hussain (R.A.) as a martyr and Yazid as his murderer.” [A Literary History of the Arabs, Cambridge, 1930, p197]

Rabindranath Tagore-“In order to keep alive justice and truth, instead of an army or weapons, success can be achieved by sacrificing lives, exactly what Imam Hussain (R.A.) did

Dr. Rajendra Prasad-“The sacrifice of Imam Hussain (R.A.) is not limited to one country, or nation, but it is the hereditary state of the brotherhood of all mankind.”

Dr. Radha Krishnan-“Though Imam Hussain (R.A.) gave his life almost 1300 years ago, but his indestructible soul rules the hearts of people even today.”

Swami Shankaracharya-“It is Hussain’s (R.A.) sacrifice that has kept Islam alive or else in this world there would be no one left to take Islam’s name.”

Mrs. Sarojini Naidu–“I congratulate Muslims that from among them, Hussain (R.A.), a great human being was born, who is reverted and honored totally by all communities


Allah(SWT) Neutralizes Qadiani Plots Time and Time again

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mirza's Prophesy proved false:
"Kings will receive blessings (bara’kat) from your (Mirza’s) clothing."

Immediately after the Second World War, a severely weakened and battered Britain saw its direct influence around the world diminish. Thus, another once mighty nation, which arrogantly had believed itself to be the lord of the worlds and oppressed millions, was brought down to its neeks by the Almighty Allah(SWT). By the year 1965, the last remnants of the British Colonial powers had decaid under its weight and the British were forced to grant the country of Gambia its independence.

In a last ditched attempt to keep indirect control of the nation, the British abdicated rule in favor of one of their faithful supporters, Mr. Farman Sangat. Mr. Sangat was a known Qadiani, who one year earlier had traveled to Rabwah, Pakistan, and given his oath of allegiance (bai’at) to Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood, the second head of the Qadiani Movement. During the British rule, the Qadiani headquarters in Gambia had continually preached that obedience to the British Empire was an article of faith for every Muslim. Now, as the eward for their unshakable support during the years, a Qadiani was appointed to the position of absolute Governor of that land.

Soon after, Mirza Nasir Ahmad succeeded his father to the leadership of the Qadiani movement and ordered his subject, the dictator of Gambia, to officially request for one of Mirza Ghulam’s (the founder of the Qadiani movement and self-appointed prophet) old articles of clothing! Mirza Nasir Ahmad did so to be able to claim that one of the prophecies of his grandfather, Mirza Ghulam, had come true. This prophecy was that:

"Kings will receive blessings (bara’kat) from your (Mirza’s) clothing."

Upon receiving the written request, the Qadiani leadership boastfully published posters all over the world, announcing that the prophecy had come true, as the "king" of the country of Gambia had requested for such a piece of clothing!

The First Bara’kat of Mirza: However, the "blessing" of Mirza Ghulam proved to be very costly to the "king" of Gambia! No sooner had the clothing reach Gambia that the people of that nation revolted against the British appointed ruler, toppled his regime, and threw him in prison. It was fitting that Allah(SWT) once more shattered another calculated plot of the Qadiani leadership:

…They (the unbelievers) plot and plan, and Allah too plans;
but Allah is the best of planners.

(The Holy Quran, Al-Anfal, 8:30)

The Second Bara’kat of Mirza: Apparently, the "blessing" of the clothing of Mirza Ghulam still continues several decades later! In the late 1997, the publicly elected President of the nation of Gambia, Mr. Yahya Abubakr, officially declared the country's Qadiani community a non-Muslim minority.

Through this historic decision, Allah(SWT) completely annihilated another one of the elaborated schemes of the Qadiani leadership.


Pearls of Wisdom from Hazrat Umer bin Khattab (Razialla) The Second Caliph

1- When someone transgresses upon your rights (and in doing so disobeys Allah) the way to ‘revenge’ is to obey Allah in dealing with him. (use reason/rules instead of anger)

2- When something comes to you from your brother, accept it as something good, unless you have overwhelming evidence against it. (hush dhann- thinking good of people)

3- Don’t take the word of a Muslim as ill. When there is a way of seeing it positively, take it that way. Find one good interpretation out of 10.

4- Avoid positions that will make others doubt you. (ie disobey Allah publicly, hang out with ppl who don’t care, at all time and places)

5- Do not blame others. When you have a secret, its under your control, but when you tell someone else, that control is not yours anymore. People fall under different factors and pressures, so do not blame others.

6- Always take care of the brothers and sisters of truth. Be with them always. They will protect you. They are always a beautiful ornament. In good times you will have ease, and in time of difficulty, you will have protection and support.

7- Be strict and careful in choosing your friends.

8- Always be with the truth even against your own life.

9- Don’t indulge in that which is meaningless. Every moment of our life is meaningful- use it to worship Allah subhanawat’ala

10- Don’t ask about that which didn’t happen. You already have enough to deal with, be practical, deal with immediate problems not the future of ghayb.

11- Don’t ask for your need to be fulfilled from someone who wouldn’t like your need to be fulfilled. Try to be self-sufficient as individuals and as an ummah, muslims of early generation were poor but didn’t lower themselves. Always be with dignity.

12- Don’t be neglectful or careless in swearing by the name of Allah. Otherwise, Allah will bring punishment for you.

13- Don’t be in the company of fajaar (those who commit major sins openly and don’t care) You WILL be affected. Your own behavior changes little by little. Be in the company of people who remind you of Allah.

14- Be aware of your enemy. Be careful, alert, and prepared.

15- Remember death. Visit the graveyards, try to be in kushuu’. If you can’t cry, force yourself to. Try to be humble in front of the Creator, the One who gives life and takes it away.

16- Be HUMBLE in acts of obedience to Allah. No one will protect us
but Allah. Seek protection from Allah in Allah.

17- Seek tawbaah. Immediately, be determined, have resolve.

18- Consult in your matters those who have kashiyaah (fear of Allah and always conscious of Him), because those who have kashiyaah are the ones that truly have ilm(knowledge).


Why the ISmaelies are declared non-muslims….

Friday, August 27, 2010

Reply to a Comment from the post Islamaili (Aga Khani) and their difference of belief from Muslims.‏ I have to write down the whole story let me clear Why the ISmaiilies are declared non-muslims….

1. Declaring believe in Allah, and believe in the Prophet is the basis of faith, however it is NOT enough and lots of other ‘nice’ things does not suffice to save onself from Hell.

2. The Aga Khan of the Ismailis presents Farmans and they are accepted as doctrine

This is a recorded Farman of Aga Khan III wherein he says;

“If I say it is night, (you are to believe) it is night. If I say it is day (you are to believe) it is day”

In contrast Allah (swt) says:

“Give the warning to those in whose (hearts) is the fear that they will be brought (to Judgement) before their Lord, for whom there is no protecting friend nor intercessor beside Him (Allah), that they may ward off (evil)” “… and who can forgive sins except Allah?” Holy Quran 6/51 and 3/135

This speech is also documented well in Ismaili books you can check it out for yourself if you doubt what I say. You dont have to be a genius to know that this is clear heresy.

Mowla’na Ima’m Hasan Ala’Zikrihis Salaam (23rd Ismaili Imam) declared the Youm-el-Qiya’ma, the Day of Resurrection, which was held on the nineteenth of Ramaza’n, 559 a.h. (10th of August, 1164). Thousands upon thousands of Ismai’ilis came from all corners of the world to attend this important day of resurrection of the holy faith. The Holy Ima’m declared…
“Today I have explained to you the Law [shari'at] and its meaning. I make you free from the rigidity of the Law and resurrect you from the bondage of the letter to the freedom of the spirit of the Law. Obey me and follow my farma’n…. Break your fast and rejoice. This is the day of utmost happiness and gratitude.”

In contrast to this Allah (swt) says

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious).

(Fasting) for a fixed number of days, but if any of you is ill or on a journey, the same number (should be made up) from other days. And as for those who can fast with difficulty, (i.e. an old man, etc.), they have (a choice either to fast or) to feed a poor person (for every day). But whoever does good of his own accord, it is better for him. And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know.” (2:183-84)

“The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan), he must fast that month, and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number (of days which one did not fast must be made up) from other days.

Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you. (He wants that you) must complete the same number (of days), and that you must magnify Allah for having guided you so that you may be grateful to Him” (2: 185).

3. Another shocking statement by an Ismaili Imam (the grandfather of current Aga Khan IV. Interestingly the father of the currect Aga Khan was NOT made Imam because he had numerous affairs with hollywood actresses during his time and was an embarassment even to Ismailis):

20 February 1910, at Rajkot, India, Aga Khan III
“Do not at all reflect about the future and do not at all think about whether you shall receive the Heaven or the Hell in the afterlife. Because, all things — the Heaven and the Hell — [to give] is in my hand.

Well that quote was so ridiculous. Let there NO doubt that saying such a think is shirk. There are there are just too many passages from the Quran regarding the ultimate Judge being Allah (swt) on yaumul qiyaam that there is not enough space to post so to make the quote above look laughable. Malik i yaum i deen is ONLY and will ONLY ever be Allah (swt). Anyone claiming to be otherwise will be destined for Hellfire.

4. The Ismailism all professedly believes that the Qur’an was time bound and was not meant to be a Universal message for all times. They believe that their spiritual leader, Karim Aga Khan, is the “walking – talking Qur’an” and his “religious pronouncements”, whatever they may be, are the “guidance” for the present times. The fundamental article of faith that there will not be any NEW revelations or “wahy” after the Qur’an, is being completely violated by the Ismailis.

5. The Aga Khan has officially Declared himself, before his followers, as the “Mazhar of Allah on earth”. The word “mazhar” means “copy” or “manifest”. Consequently, these Ismailis who call themselves Muslims do “sujood” before him. So even the primary axiomatic principle of Tawheed is being fundamentally and formally violated by them.

6. The Ismailis are not instructed to offer the Islamic Salaah, observe Saum or perform Hajj. They have replaced Salaah with certain shirk-infested Dua’as (thrice a day) and praying in the form of Hindu inspired ‘Ginans’. To the peope that do not know it is NOT Salaat. It is NOT doing wudhu and other things that the Shariah commands. It is a series of songs which are sung in “jamaatKhanes (because they do not have masjidss)” They are told that their Hajj is a personal “Glimpse” (Deedaar) of Karim Aga Khan.

7. The Aga Khan and his appointees ‘forgive the sins’ of the followers on regular basis. Ismailis are misled into believing that they will not be questioned on the Day of Judgment for the sins that are already forgiven in their Jamatkhanas (community centers). Forgiving of sins is the exclusive prerogative and privilege of Allah (swt) alone. Qur’an 3:135.

8. Against this backdrop, most of the poor (spiritually poor) Ismailis who are not introduced to al-Furqan are confused and misguided. Hence, Ismailis are very easy prey to missionary efforts by various Christian groups and Baha’is. I have known a couple of young ex-Ismailis who are today preaching “Pauline Christianity” to Ismailis as evangelical missionaries.

9. Karim Aga Khan’s own daughter Zahra having married a practising Christian has opened the gates for young Ismailis girls to follow the footsteps of a family member of their beloved Imam-e-Zaman. The parents of the Ismaili girls who wish to marry outside of Islam have no recourse but to let them go.

10. The Aga Khan has made Halaal for the Ismailis that which Allah has made Haraam for the humans. Taking of interest (usury) is not forbidden by the religious instruction classes run by the “Tariqaah” board of the Ismailis. As a matter of fact, the much publicized “Venture Capital” program (details on the website of FORBES Magazine – search under “Aga Khan”), of loaning funds on interest by the AKFED (Aga Khan Fund & Economic Development), has been a great success. Similar entrepreneurial projects are now being actively promoted and introduced to poor Muslims of Tajikistan and neighboring areas.

11. The Muslim Ummaah and the various Muslim leaders are not fully aware of these Un-Islamic acts and beliefs of this community of less than two million members, who claim to be the Ismaili Muslims. Surprisingly, their leader Aga Khan claims himself to be a spiritual leader of 15 million Muslims and a Direct Descendant of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

12 Earlier, one did not have authentic books on Ismailism, but it is not so anymore. There are two authentic books as well as one comprehensive web site exposing the inner practices of the Ismailis and the Proclamations (Farmans) of the Aga Khans. Hence, now you have no “hujjah” argument or excuse left before Allah (swt) for not taking up the task of inviting the misguided “Ismaili Muslims” towards the Deen of Allah (swt) and not safeguarding them from committing unpardonable sin of Shirk.

13. The Aga Khan in collaboration with so many Western powers and aid, has set up the world-wide Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) which runs several institutions and service companies both in the profit and not for profit sectors. This network is very actively operating in Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Bangladesh, and has now started concentrating its efforts in Tajikistan and the neighbouring areas where there is a concentration of Muslims who have not known or openly practised Islam for the decades. By taking up economical, social, educational and rural development efforts through NGOs (Non-Govt. Organizations) within the AKDN, the Ismailis and the Aga Khan have gained wide acceptance amongst these countries and masses. Hence this urgent appeal.

14. Now all these beneficiaries are “obliged and grateful” to the Aga Khan and his followers and his organizations for the much-needed schools, medical centers, hospitals, various projects and programmes. In this manner they are penetrating and infiltrating the support system – and one fine day, the Muslim Ummaah will wake up to the unexpected realization that they have a community of so called Muslims, practicing the Un-Islamic Tariqaah, in charge of all core and support activities. Each of these much-needed projects will have the photos of Aga Khan decorating the walls.

So if we review:

1) If the ‘Imam’ declares yaum ul qiyaam he is a Dajjal.

2) If the ‘Imam’ declares fasting is not obligatory he is a Dajjal

3) If the ‘Imam’ declares Hajj is not obligatory he is a Dajjal

4) Declaring Heaven and Hell as “metaphorical” rather than real places means he is a Dajjal

5) Allah IS AL HAKIM and the judger of Yaum ul Qiyam and the ONLY one that can accept repentance and tauba. Not any Imam.

6)The Quran explicits states that those who believe in Allah and the last day “PROSTRATE THEMSELVES IN PRAYER”

7) Masjid were and have always been places of worship not “JamaatKhanes”

8) When the Ismailism denies the obligation prayers as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah is kufr. To replace Salaat with “ginans” and shirk songs is kufr. Ismailis claim to follow the Imams like the Shia. Well the Imams ALL carried out salaat and no obly tha but did extra nafil and extra salaat in line with the teachings Rasulallah (pbuh). All Hadith of Sunni and Shia states this. The entire Muslim Ummah carrys out salaat and namaz. The enture Muslim Ummah Prostrates themselves in pray during Hajj in front of Allah as they have done for thousands of years. I cannot understand how Aga Khanis can deny this and think it is made up BS that we do all these things and that actually salaat is a fantasy and rasullalah and the imams instead sat in a jamaatkhane. Salaat is performed exactly how it was by billions of Muslims.

10. Allah Commands:

“From whencesoever thou startest forth (for prayer) turn thy face in the direction of the Sacred Mosque: That is indeed the truth from thy Lord. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye do. So from whencesoever thou startest forth, turn thy face in the direction of the Sacred Mosque; among wheresoever ye are turn your face thither: That there be no ground of dispute against you among the people, except those of them that are bent on wickedness; so fear them not, but fear Me; and that I may complete My favours on you, and ye may be guided”. Holy Quran 2/ 149-150

Ismailism says

“Facing Qibla in prayer is not a fundamental principle of Islam, it is a tradition.” ‘Ismaili Tariqah’ page 184

Unfortunately the Ismaili decided to ditch the idea.

So brother honestly Allahs law as outlined in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the prophet in authentic Hadith is the only authentic thing we have. Thats why its outside Islam when you chop and change, and reject obligatory laws like sawm and hajj and say they are not obligatory and spin an interpretation on salaat. As well as declare heaven and hell are metaphoric. THESE ARE THE PILLARS OF ISLAM. They are what is required to be called a Muslim to accept Allah.

There are lots of Muslims who dont fast, dont pray, dont go hajj, dont wear hijab. However if you ask them if it is commanded by Allah they will say yes. But the reason for them not doing it is shaitans influnce

But the situation here is Ismailism says you dont act upon say sawm and hajj or anything else commanded in the Quran. Which means you reject that Allah requires it, despite it being commanded in the Quran.

In the name of Allah (swt) and Islam, kindly urge our Brothers and Sisters to do Da’wah to the Ismailis, who otherwise will, on the day of judgement, hold us responsible for not conveying the Revealed Truth to them. It hurts to see the misguided simple minded people die on SHIRK because we did not amply warn them before their deaths.

To spread the “Truth” and eradicate “Tagoot” is a significant, major Sunnah of the prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

I want to ask the Ismaili brother an honest question, do you honestly- really believe that this man is Allah’s hujjat on the earth, and the current Imam and successor of the Prophet Muhammad ?

NO. Anybody who ever preaches in violation of what is commanded in the Quran is a DAJJAL. There are many Dajjals who will come b4 the great Dajjal. There is no fitna greater than that of the Dajjal. Please be aware of this



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Normally, when I meet an atheist, the first thing I like to do is to congratulate him and say, ” My special congratulations to you”, because most of the people who believe in God are doing blind belief – he is a Christian, because his father is a Christian; he is a Hindu, because his father is a Hindu; the majority of the people in the world are blindly following the religion of their fathers. An atheist, on the other hand, even though e may belong to a religious family, uses his intellect to deny the existence of God; what ever concept or qualities of God he may have learnt in his religion may not seem to be logical to him.

My Muslim brothers may question me, “Zakir, why are you congratulating an atheist?” The reason that I am congratulating an atheist is because he agrees with the first part of the Shahada i.e. the Islamic Creed, ‘La ilaaha’ – meaning ‘there is no God’. So half my job is already done; now the only part left is ‘il lallah’ i.e. ‘BUT ALLAH’ which I shall do Insha Allah. With others (who are not atheists) I have to first remove from their minds the wrong concept of God they may have and then put the correct concept of one true God.

My first question to the atheist will be: “What is the definition of God?” For a person to say there is no God, he should know what is the meaning of God. If I hold a book and say that ‘this is a pen’, for the opposite person to say, ‘it is not a pen’, he should know what is the definition of a pen, even if he does not know nor is able to recognise or identify the object I am holding in my hand. For him to say this is not a pen, he should at least know what a pen means. Similarly for an atheist to say ‘there is no God’, he should at least know the concept of God. His concept of God would be derived from the surroundings in which he lives. The god that a large number of people worship has got human qualities – therefore he does not believe in such a god. Similarly a Muslim too does not and should not believe in such false gods.
If a non-Muslim believes that Islam is a merciless religion with something to do with terrorism; a religion which does not give rights to women; a religion which contradicts science; in his limited sense that non-Muslim is correct to reject such Islam. The problem is he has a wrong picture of Islam. Even I reject such a false picture of Islam, but at the same time, it becomes my duty as a Muslim to present the correct picture of Islam to that non-Muslim i.e. Islam is a merciful religion, it gives equal rights to the women, it is not incompatible with logic, reason and science; if I present the correct facts about Islam, that non-Muslim may Inshallah accept Islam.
Similarly the atheist rejects the false gods and the duty of every Muslim is to present the correct concept of God which he shall Insha Allah not refuse.
(You may refer to my article, ‘Concept of God in Islam’, for more details)

The methods of proving the existence of God with usage of the material provided in the ‘Concept of God in Islam’ to an atheist may satisfy some but not all.
Many atheists demand a scientific proof for the existence of God. I agree that today is the age of science and technology. Let us use scientific knowledge to kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to prove the existence of God and simultaneously prove that the Qur’an is a revelation of God.
If a new object or a machine, which no one in the world has ever seen or heard of before, is shown to an atheist or any person and then a question is asked, ” Who is the first person who will be able to provide details of the mechanism of this unknown object? After little bit of thinking, he will reply, ‘the creator of that object.’ Some may say ‘the producer’ while others may say ‘the manufacturer.’ What ever answer the person gives, keep it in your mind, the answer will always be either the creator, the producer, the manufacturer or some what of the same meaning, i.e. the person who has made it or created it. Don’t grapple with words, whatever answer he gives, the meaning will be same, therefore accept it.

In mathematics there is a theory known as ‘Theory of Probability’. If you have two options, out of which one is right, and one is wrong, the chances that you will chose the right one is half, i.e. one out of the two will be correct. You have 50% chances of being correct. Similarly if you toss a coin the chances that your guess will be correct is 50% (1 out of 2) i.e. 1/2. If you toss a coin the second time, the chances that you will be correct in the second toss is again 50% i.e. half. But the chances that you will be correct in both the tosses is half multiplied by half (1/2 x 1/2) which is equal to 1/4 i.e. 50% of 50% which is equal to 25%. If you toss a coin the third time, chances that you will be correct all three times is (1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2) that is 1/8 or 50% of 50% of 50% that is 12½%.
A dice has got six sides. If you throw a dice and guess any number between 1 to 6, the chances that your guess will be correct is 1/6. If you throw the dice the second time, the chances that your guess will be correct in both the throws is (1/6 x 1/6) which is equal to 1/36. If you throw the dice the third time, the chances that all your three guesses are correct is (1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6) is equal to 1/216 that is less than 0.5 %.
Let us apply this theory of probability to the Qur’an, and assume that a person has guessed all the information that is mentioned in the Qur’an which was unknown at that time. Let us discuss the probability of all the guesses being simultaneously correct.
At the time when the Qur’an was revealed, people thought the world was flat, there are several other options for the shape of the earth. It could be triangular, it could be quadrangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, octagonal, spherical, etc. Lets assume there are about 30 different options for the shape of the earth. The Qur’an rightly says it is spherical, if it was a guess the chances of the guess being correct is 1/30.
The light of the moon can be its own light or a reflected light. The Qur’an rightly says it is a reflected light. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/2 and the probability that both the guesses i.e the earth is spherical and the light of the moon is reflected light is 1/30 x 1/2 = 1/60.
Further, the Qur’an also mentions every living thing is made of water. Every living thing can be made up of either wood, stone, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, gold, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, oil, water, cement, concrete, etc. The options are say about 10,000. The Qur’an rightly says that everything is made up of water. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/10,000 and the probability of all the three guesses i.e. the earth is spherical, light of moon is reflected light and everything is created from water being correct is 1/30 x 1/2 x 1/10,000 = 1/60,000 which is equal to about .0017%.

The Qur’an speaks about hundreds of things that were not known to men at the time of its revelation. Only in three options the result is .0017%. I leave it upto you, to work out the probability if all the hundreds of the unknown facts were guesses, the chances of all of them being correct guesses simultaneously and there being not a single wrong guess. It is beyond human capacity to make all correct guesses without a single mistake, which itself is sufficient to prove to a logical person that the origin of the Qur’an is Divine.


The only logical answer to the question as to who could have mentioned all these scientific facts 1400 years ago before they were discovered, is exactly the same answer initially given by the atheist or any person, to the question who will be the first person who will be able to tell the mechanism of the unknown object. It is the ‘CREATOR’, the producer, the Manufacturer of the whole universe and its contents. In the English language He is ‘God’, or more appropriate in the Arabic language, ‘ALLAH’.


Let me remind you that the Qur’an is not a book of Science, ‘S-C-I-E-N-C-E’ but a book of Signs ‘S-I-G-N-S’ i.e. a book of ayaats. The Qur’an contains more than 6,000 ayaats, i.e. ‘signs’, out of which more than a thousand speak about Science. I am not trying to prove that the Qur’an is the word of God using scientific knowledge as a yard stick because any yardstick is supposed to be more superior than what is being checked or verified. For us Muslims the Qur’an is the Furqan i.e. criteria to judge right from wrong and the ultimate yardstick which is more superior to scientific knowledge.
But for an educated man who is an atheist, scientific knowledge is the ultimate test which he believes in. We do know that science many a times takes ‘U’ turns, therefore I have restricted the examples only to scientific facts which have sufficient proof and evidence and not scientific theories based on assumptions. Using the ultimate yardstick of the atheist, I am trying to prove to him that the Qur’an is the word of God and it contains the scientific knowledge which is his yardstick which was discovered recently, while the Qur’an was revealed 1400 year ago. At the end of the discussion, we both come to the same conclusion that God though superior to science, is not incompatible with it.


Francis Bacon, the famous philosopher, has rightly said that a little knowledge of science makes man an atheist, but an in-depth study of science makes him a believer in God. Scientists today are eliminating models of God, but they are not eliminating God. If you translate this into Arabic, it is La illaha illal la, There is no god, (god with a small ‘g’ that is fake god) but God (with a capital ‘G’).
Surah Fussilat:
“Soon We will show them our signs in the (farthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?”
[Al-Quran 41:53]


Over-stepping on Turkey

Friday, June 11, 2010

By Mowahid Hussain Shah | Published in The Nation: June 10, 2010

For years, Turkey had done what was expected from it to get accepted in the European community. It had cracked down on communism; it became the sheet-anchor of NATO; it contributed a brigade and lost nearly 900 troops during the US-led and UN-sanctioned war effort against Kim II-Sung’s Korea and China during the Korean conflict of 1950-53. It lent its Incirlik Air Base to the US-led coalition during the first Gulf War of 1990-91. It recognised Israel in 1949, the first Muslim majority state to do so, and had an extensive air force accord with the Jewish state. In 1999, it barred Merve Safa Kavakci, a hijab wearing woman elected to the Turkish Parliament, from taking the oath of office.

Now, the Israeli assault on the Turkish-led humanitarian aid flotilla to breach the Gaza blockade has been a game-changer. By doing so, Israel has helped create for itself a foe that may prove more deadly than Hamas and Hezbollah.

There is an old rural Punjab saying that a Tehsildar is not necessarily bad, but his bro-ther may be, because of the reflected arrogance of power, and also because of the vicarious perks he is prone to abuse.

This applies to the US-Israel nexus. While the US military has been relatively humbled by its setbacks in Iran and Afghanistan, its protégé, Israel, continues to act as a spoiled brat because of the unlimited and in effect, unquestioning support it enjoys in the US Congress, officialdom, academia, media, and think tank intelligentsia, all of whom have been relatively quiet despite the fact that, among those killed by Israeli troops on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla, was an American teenager, Furkan. An American girl, Emily Henochowicz, from Potomac, Maryland, protesting in Jerusalem against Israel’s attack on the aid flotilla, lost an eye when she was hit by a teargas canister fired by an Israeli soldier. An Irish-owned ship called the Rachel Corrie (named in honour of the 23-year old American girl crushed to death in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to prevent the razing of a Palestinian home), carrying cement, medical equipment, and relief supplies to Gaza, was boarded by Israeli troops on June 5.
The policy of carving out an exemption for Israel and creating for it an exception from application of the rule of law and international norms is now generating its own blowback effects. In the words of President Abdullah Gul of Turkey: “Israel has made one of its greatest mistakes in history - a mistake it will regret.” Anthony Cordesman, an influential US foreign policy analyst, has written that Israel’s action have made Israel a “strategic liability” to the US.

Unable to make a space for itself in the Mideast neighbourhood, Israel is constantly banking on America to bail it out. A series of accumulated snubs may be distancing Turkey from the Western orbit. Already, a wave of alarm is spreading among pro-Israeli supporters who had, for too long, taken Turkish support for granted.

The fury in Turkey torpedoes the US-Israeli efforts to form a united front against Iran, and makes a mockery of the attempt to present Turkey as a “moderate secular alternative role model.”

Until it tangled with Turkey, Israel thought that military force was sufficient and international opinion inconsequential, as long as US protection was there. There are signs now that may not be enough. Israel not only built a wall in the West Bank, but it has now walled itself from the region.

It is a reminder of what the poet, Robert Frost, has once said:
“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out,

And to whom I was like to give offence.”

By taunting Turkey and violating Turkish honour, Israel may have pushed Turkey back into the Muslim fold, after nearly 100 years in the twilight zone between the West and the East, all because of arrogant over-stepping. By doing so, it may have awakened the long-hibernating Ottoman lion.

The writer is a barrister and a senior political analyst.


Raising children in non-Muslim societies

Raising children in an Islamic way in a non-Muslim society needs everyone’s effort with no exception, starting with the parents’ efforts, to the Mosque’s, to the community’s efforts. All of these roles are important. The stronger these roles are and the more mutually complementary to one another, the better the raising process will be.

The role of the Muslim community is important and is based on a number of factors, of which, the most important are:

1 – Supporting the Islamic center so that it keeps providing all the different services and programs and makes improvements.

Continuous financial supports to cover all the operating expenses and activities expenses. Every program has expenses, which are to be covered by the community. This community has to show support in an exemplary manner for the center; all its activities, the Islamic schools, the monthly utility bills and so on.

We give good news and glad tidings to everyone who donates to an Islamic center that their donations are considered on-going charity that has positive rewarding effects even after death as Prophet Muhammad promised. Imaam Muslim reported that the Prophet said: “When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things, (and the first of them): Sadaqah Jaareyah (ceaseless charity)” Allaah, Most High, Says (what means): “And whatever you spend in good, it is for yourselves, when you spend not except seeking Allaah’s Countenance. And whatever you spend in good, it will be repaid to you in full, and you shall not be wronged.” [Quran 2:272]

2- Supporting the Islamic center requires also efforts and time invested in voluntary programs and projects that are frequently needed. This is met when you personally go there and take your children with you. This way, your children take part in the voluntary work. It is an important factor in increasing their tendency to work with a group than to work selfishly and individually. The Prophet used to participate with all his companions in voluntary projects, which are beneficial to the Muslim community.

3- Supporting the Islamic center occurs also through suggesting a good idea to establish new important projects. It also occurs through constructive criticism for existing projects and programs so that they get better. Support does not occur from those who do not show action or from those who criticize only for criticism and always reject others. These people weaken some workers who may leave the projects and subsequently these projects will be weak.

4- Supporting the Islamic center is also done by effective participation in the existing programs and activities by taking your family with you. It is a must that you make this participation a part of your daily and weekly schedule. This participation will help you keep coming and so will be beneficial for you and your family. Also, do not forget that you children need social upbringing that will not be accomplished except through the Muslim community. You can not accomplish this alone. The Prophet ordered us to stay with the Jamaa’ah (community) and warned us from staying away from it. He said: “Stay with the Jama’ah (community) and be cautious of divisions-” [Saheeh Al-Jaami']

5- Supporting the Islamic center is done also by making other Muslim members of the community aware of the activities and programs that the Islamic center has. Also, make sure that you take some of them with you. This way, you will be performing the Muslims due rights and so you will be rewarded without decreasing their rewards on the Day of Judgment.
What helps you participate in the center’s activities and programs is your home. If you live closer to the Masjid (mosque), you will be more easily able to participate in the daily prayers for example. It is important that you also establish good relationships on the basis of Islam with other Muslim families. And to make effort to live in a neighborhood with other Muslim families, so that you can share your experiences about raising your children with them.

We need to establish good relationships on the basis of Islam with other Muslim families. That relationship should be based only on Islam and nothing else. Also, be aware from falling into racism, nationalism that the Prophet warned us against. The racism can be exploited by the satans (devils) among people and Jinn, which will lead to the destruction of the Muslim unity.

To keep away from the racism involves a number of things:

1- To develop good relationships with Muslim families that do not belong to the same nationality or ethnic background.

2- Be aware and avoid the activities that are aimed at only specific nationality or ethnic background or race, for example Arabs with Arabs only, or Indians with Indians only, or Pakistani with Pakistani only, or the Afro-Americans with the Afro-Americans only, even if these activities are intended to build a Masjid or a center or an organization. This will destroy the unity among Muslim community. Allaah, Most High, Says (what means): “And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allaah (Quran or Islam), and be not divided among yourselve” [Quran
3:103] Allaah, Most High, also Says (what means): “The believers are nothing else than brothers” [Quran 49:10]

Many people who fall in the traps of nationalism are not even aware of the seriousness of this practice which destroys the relationship among Muslim children and among Muslim families. Therefore, destroys the meaning of the Islamic universal message that we need to implant in their minds and exemplify it in their reality.